Here I am on the tubes. I am not trying to sell you anything, nor am I trying to buy something. I am doing this for kicks and giggles. I am feeling my way through things. I like to ride bikes, mainly road, but my new single speed rigid bike is a temptress. I ride, i used to throw pottery, i used to sleep in, i read, i give people things they dont need for a job. monday and friday are bad days



  1. Hey,
    I have a question for your regarding fatcyclist & livestrong challenge in San Jose – give me a buzz if you can pls.

    Korinne Munson
    The FRS Company
    (415) 314-9614

  2. I love your site! 🙂

  3. Matt:

    Nice site, and I liked you write-up on Team Fatty. I was a minor part of the team, and completed my first century ever. There is a pic you posted on Fatcyclist of a group of riders entering the tunnel. I’m in that and wondered if you had a high-res version you could send me for my own posterity. We also chatted briefly at the pre-Tiger Mt. stop (I was wearing a Redfin jersey).

    Sorry to use this place to reach you, but I couldn’t find an e-mail anywhere.

    Thanks, and happy riding,


  4. dave.

    yeah, hey there is no way to contact me on this site, i should do something about that. well,,,,my email is
    no spaces. i need an address to send that photo to.

    that email is also my facebook thingy

    good job on the century. thats the really cool thing about team fatty and liveSTRONG, were all minor pieces, but together we can do major things.


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