Posted by: angrybeesound | October 18, 2009

as it sits

ibis makes great bikes, i love mine, just got some new wheels for it.

over the last year ive own the bike there have been a few changes.

the dura ace 7900 crank was traded for a zipp vumaquad crank. i have both 53/39 and 50/34 rings for it. the 50/34 rings get more use.

the dura ace 7850 tubeless wheels have been swapped out for reynolds assaults. no tubeless, but the carbon rims soak up road chatter. they weigh the same and the aero is nice.

the stock san marco cyman was not giving me any love. i swapped it out for a slr, but for multiple days of riding it just makes me unhappy. so i opted for a flatter flite carbonio. i like it alot more, no weight penalty.

the foam tape has been changed for deda. its slick when wet but stays clean and feels good in my hands.



  1. I just had to wipe up some drool. Excellent bike, and nice wheels!

  2. thanks jayson. after i washed it i totally had a proud papa moment. hence the post

    want one? i won mine in a raffle, it so happens that is giving away ANOTHER free bike, you could choose a bike very much like the one above.

  3. Yeah, those contests…I always have to give money and hope I don’t win. Having to pay income tax on the value of the bike doesn’t appeal to me much! 🙂

    It’s about time I give my ride a good cleaning. It sure could use it.

  4. […] he’s had that bike for a year now, and it’s looking darned […]

  5. […] he’s had that bike for a year now, and it’s looking darned […]

  6. Nice Ibis. I have a Silk Carbon as well and dig it.

    I also have a ’97 Hakkalugi and ’88 Trial Comp in the garage.

    Ibis rocks – old and new ones.

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