Posted by: angrybeesound | June 22, 2009


Yesterday was the LiveSTRONG challenge in Seattle. I rode as part of team fighting for Susan. The event was Sunday morning at Seattle Center, by the Space Needle.


There are so many stories from the day. So many people are dedicated to fighting this blight that so many people are afflicted with, it brought together many people in one single purpose.

Three big lessons were learned during the day.

One of the many cool things throughout the day was that as the top fundraising team team fatty got to line up IN FRONT of the chute, 3k people were behind us, but out ~70 or so were leading the charge. At the front I meet Keith, who writes Keith’s bike blog, his wife was unable to ride that day, she was out with an injury.


I also meet Kat, who I’ll admit, I developed an immediate little (harmless really) crush on.


At rollout no one fell down, which was good, but team fat cyclist, for all our heart is apparently bad at directions, we were rolling down 2nd ave when, following what turned out to be a pace car, then the car turned. We however, keep going. Lesson number one: don’t follow team fatty.

Riding in the city core sucks, so we needed a quick way out of the city, enter the i-90 express lanes, they closed down the lanes for us, which was super cool. I felt like we were all breaking the law being in the tunnels and on the bridge deck.


We then took a loop around Mercer Island. I saw the lead riders break off, my legs were tight from yesterdays 82 and 3 big climbs, so I tuned it back. Enjoyed the ride.

At the rollout the director of operations, or some such important titled woman said that 80% of every dollar donated to the LAF goes directly to fighting cancer, that is great. I think at least 10 cents of every dollar goes to singage for the ride. I have never seen so many direction signs on a ride. Up here, our big ride organizer is the Cascade bike club, they usually get away with Dan Henrys spray painted via stencil on the road.

The ride went on, my legs loosened up, I flitted through some riders, meet back up at ‘power stations.’ the support on the ride was great. I even saw an event supported holding a bike while the rider peed in the bushes, I mean, come on, how great is that?

The day cleared up, I started to feel pretty good, but tried to take it easy and keep my hear rate below 170 (I can max at 215ish). I rode most of Saturday in the 170s and my goal is 300 miles this week, so I didnt want to hate my bike after Sunday.

Going up the last big hill of the day we learned another lesson of the day. Satan lies. Going up Mountreax is a typical Pacific Northwest climb. Steep and short. Mountreax goes from 150 feet to 850 feet in just over a mile. Near the top there is a character dressed as the devil, he’s telling you that the top is only 25 yards away, first I thought Satan used metric, 2nd he is lying. The steepest was yet to come.


I think lesson number 3 involved the weather. Working down from New Castle area around the south end of Lake Washington I could see a dark cloud over Renton, it was warm out and I was thinking it would mean showers. Sure enough, by the time we rounded through the Boeing area it began, first they were big fat, interspersed drops. Soon the downpour began. Lighting and thunder directly overhead gave the three guys I was riding with and myself enough to think about. Glasses quickly fogged and became useless, soon we were in a downpour. I was pulling the group and was of the mentality that if they stay behind me I’ll keep going, so when I turned around and there was no one there I figured it was ok to pull off. I shot this video then. The support stations, I mean POWER STATIONS we well stocked with ice, fearing heatstroke. I hid with a few other soaked riders under and awning. Soon enough it let up and Jeff, Jeremy and Jon came rolling past, I left my fellow refugees and rejoined my group.

Then the odd thing happened. 1 mile away the pavement was dry, not like ‘oh it rained a little here then passed’ but like ‘huh? Rain? Wha rain?

A few little hills over the hump of Madrona and we were downhill to downtown. The 4 of us finished together.

We did the post ride food big, sat with Massachusetts, a rider who picks a differe LiveSTRONG every year and bases his families vacation around it. Really cool guy, gave him some Co2 on a hill.

The great thing about livestrong is that it takes people who would normally ride their bikes and harnesses that to do good work, we get to do what we love to help those around us.

Great thanks to Elden and Steve Peterson, our captain and co captain who have put themselves into this fight. This ride was as much about the people there doing it as the people who werent there

you would like I posted all my photos here, and you can download them in full quality.



  1. Nice meeting you on the ride. We rode into the Tiger rest stop together where I was in awe over your Tour de Blast shenanigans on Saturday.
    From the looks of your blog, it looks like I’ll see you on RAMROD next month.

  2. Yup, Ramrod is on the list of things to be checked off. Looks like team Fatty will be well represented.

    I’ve been doing the Cascade Ramrod training series rides every Saturday morning, theyre good prep for the mountain, plus, theyre free.

    Good ride yesterday.

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