Posted by: angrybeesound | June 10, 2009

the hardest and coolest thing i did today

So I wrote a final paprt on the values of the social contract theory as a foundation of a legitimate political order, and how i felt tacit consent is insufficient to justify the ingrained inequality that hobbes, lockes and rousseau’s (1st) contracts build. then i penned another shorter one on the good/bad vs good/evil moral code in Nietszche.

Then I went for tiny bike ride to gas works park. gas works is seattles industrial super fund cleanup site turned poster park still with old coal gasification plant relics. two years ago they removed the top eighteen inches of topsoil due to mercury contamination, no kidding.

there is a multi use trail on the way there, burke gilman trail. I didnt take the trail as muts kinda scare me after dinner. towards the park the mut disappears as you go around a bend and over some abandoned tracks. out of the corner of my eye i see kids playing soccer on a side street, the ball gets away and comes rolling towards this rather shitty confluence of tracks, mut, roads, bikes, roller bladers and cars, oh and its getting dark, this is what the intersection looks like, thank you google maps

Picture 1

i track the ball, i see that the ball and i will reach the intersection about the same time, theres a roller blader coming the other way, a walker going the same way and a car behind me who hasnt worked up the gumption to pass me, dude im on the shoulder, you have room.

i make an executive decision about engagement, i yell “i got it” to discourge the kid chasing after the ball. i  hit the tracks, unclip my right foot, tap the brakes, and kick the ball up the side street all at 20+ mph.

the kids yell back in very 80’s tv ‘thanks mr!’

the really cool thing was how it lined up perfectly, change any of those variables and it would have been different, ball would have gone into traffic, hit a roller blader (not that bad a thing) and forbid the kid kept chasing.

sometimes things flow.

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