Posted by: angrybeesound | April 28, 2009

alternative bottle cage uses

I had a warmer than I thought day on the bike a few weeks ago. It is a nice way to be wrong, having more clothes than you need.

Bike clothes are pretty compact, in fact the arm and leg warmers are more clothes components than stand alone clothes. Theyre like clothes in AA ball, they haven’t been called up to the Bigs yet, as such they fill a niche. They’re not really clothes. If you would like to test this walk around the house in nothing but arm and leg/knee warmers, you’ll feel like a mostly naked idiot, and you should because you are. Dear Gods, don’t let anyone, even a loved one youve been naked around see you in leg and knee warmers. On the plus side, if you choose such a tactic you’ll have more tie to ride, you’ll be single.


So my jersey pockets were crammed with arm warmers, knees warmers, rain jacket, over gloves, ie jam packed. And I’m hungry. So I pull by my favorite burrito joint, Chipotle (say Chip O tttle) and order up a fajita burrito, sans guac.

Then the problem shows up, I have no place to put it. I can shove it under my jersey where itll get smooshed. I can try to ride with one hand, but U district, rush hour, one hand is bad news. I’m perplexed. 

Then I am enlightened. 

sdc10065I get to combine 3 of the things I am real fond of. Chipotle, Ibis cycles and .

It fit perfectly.

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