Posted by: angrybeesound | April 22, 2009


I got in, 2 for 2 baby. RAMROD is Washington’s big epic bike ride. Not a race, but a RIDE around Mt. Rainier (in) one day. 154 miles, 10,000 feet of climbing, limited to 800 riders


No one else I know got in, most people are in the 500’s+ for the waitlist. The ride is during Mom’s vacation, shes planning to come on over and we’ll spend a few days around the mountain, I hope she knows that the start line is 50 miles away from where we’ll probably stay and opens at 5 am.

update usually I pass on jerseys for rides, the only one that has ever appealed to me was a 5 pass jersey from the death ride 

so imagine my surprise when i logged into (i still think your site sucks) to complete my registration for the 2009. oh by the way my password had the number 865 in it, does that mean I was one of the last riders chosen? 

so last years jersey –

ramrod_jersey_frontnot a bad jersey, better than some, but not overly eye catching.


BOOM, take us to this years

_jersey11thats a great looking jersey. ordered one on a whim. nothing like a 160 dollar bike ride.



yeah, i thought i completed registration,,,,seems i didnt and i lost my birth in the ride as i didnt register in time…GRRR

Redmond cycle club is trying to help me out with that, i should be riding.


  1. Congrats. A friend of mine is in the 700s for the waitlist. Have fun!

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