Posted by: angrybeesound | April 22, 2009

civil disobedience

High Bridge Road is decent riding, its part of a nice 50 mile loop from keith’s to snohomish (pie) monroe, and back. This sign is ~17 miles into the ride, it always pisses me off. Im tempted to put a give three feet sticker on it. time for some civil disobedience . img_01253(thanks to keith for the lifting of the bike. see, this is what ridiculously light bikes are for)

Oddly this sign is on the route for the Flying Wheels Summer Century, the largest century ride in the state. It is also on the route for the 7 Hills of Kirkland and it might be on the route for another ride. 

and not so civil



  1. My wife Kasia, from last year’s Flying Wheels:

  2. P.S. Congrats on getting into RAMROD. I hope to do that one these years.

  3. ha, thats great!

    ramrod is a good ride. its a nice cool down after the death ride =)

    hows the century a month going?

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