Posted by: angrybeesound | March 23, 2009

a new relationship

So the old relationship I had was destructive, so I ended it and am starting a new one. Yes,haha, funny, it is a saddle. But the new one showed up today from switzerland via Ebay. 

I went from a Selle Italia SLR to a Selle Italia Flite Kit Carbonio. a negligible weight addition, on paper 5 grams, in reality 15 (142 for the slr and 157 for the flite). but I’m hoping the new shape (Same as the old flite shape?) will be comfortable on long days – Death Ride, RAMROD, C2K, Crater Lake weekend.

Here the new girl is-

everyone wants a bedroom shot!p10407361

carbon rails kinda scare me a little, I don’t own a torque wrench and have always relied on ‘tight enough + 1/2 turn’p10407291

BAM, no this isn’t where the bike normal sits


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