Posted by: angrybeesound | March 12, 2009


First there are butterflys. You you have this connection, you think ‘oh this could be really good’  first glimpses are great, your eyes play over each other, the shallow infatuation leads to introductions, concrete things. The first time you meet you’re nervous. The first time you have butterflys, you’re nervous but it is good, really good. You start seeing each other more regularly, getting better, becoming comfortable around each. You get better together, the early time is some of the best time.

Time passes, the two of you become something you can rely on, count on, it is great. This time goes on for a while. Then there is the first time you have a bad day. You get through it, the bad day cements the two of you together, together against the world, on this day its usually rainy, go figure.

In this case, there was a time where I changed everything, one thing stayed the same. It felt to have an achor to everything else, it helped to have one thing remain constant when everything changed. 

But then there is the first time you get hurt, you do nothing new, nothing different. But you get hurt, so you take a few days off. You balance the one bad day with the dozens of great times you’ve shared together. The memory of the pain fades, everyone has bad days. Yet, it happens again, and again You have pictures of the two of you on the wall, you’ve conquered the world together, but now you look across the room and while you see what you love, you also see the pain, it is physical.

Eventually you make the decision to end it, to change. You start looking around, seeing there are options. your friends all wonder how you stayed with that torture device for so long, you saw it wasn’t that bad, there is still love. You’re in the twilight of your relationship. It goes on, but you both know it is coming to an end. Being unable to be around each other for over a couple of hours is a bad thing, neither of you should have to deal with it, you should be happy. You owe it to yourself to do what you need to in order to be happy. 

I am getting a new saddle


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