Posted by: angrybeesound | February 24, 2009

riding my bike

I headed out today around 1. Tuesday is a good day, no school, no work. I slept in, had a leisurely morning.

It looked like a spring day, 40s, some rain and some wind. I am not saying everyone would be out riding, it did look shitty. But it was definately spring shitty and not winter shitty. A small difference but still, a difference.

I wore shorts with knee warmers, a new purchase, my veloloco jersey under my woolie mammoth, my fatcyclist cap, over it all my showers pass protech super jacket. I know you might not care, but whatever.

Today was only the 3 or 4th day I have been on the bike all year. School is cutting drastically into my riding time, my sitting around time too.

Man I felt great, headed down along Lake Washington Blvd working into a wind that was making white caps on the lake wasnt that much fun. Often I forget why I ride, I think about miles, percentages, pounds and grams. Today was a day I remembered why I ride, about leaning into turns like these cuties.


I went out to Seward and did the little crit loop. On the way back I got the benefit of the wind I’d been bucking into. 23 happened without too much work, 26 if I pushed as hard as I had on the way out.

20 miles is no big ride. But it can still be a great ride.


A book I read had a character talking about finding the beauty in everyday life, and how unusual it was, Aristotle said something similar.

I found it today


  1. hi mate, care to share some thoughts on the showers pass protech jacket?

    found your blog while googling for reviews on it, not much to be found.

    the protech seems much like the assos climajet, at half the price?

    cheers from norway

  2. i really like this jacket. it hasnt rained really hard since ive had it, so maybe the jacket is lucky? but in the rain i have seen it keeps everything off me, rain pills up and rolls off. it isnt neutral heat wise so it gets you a little warm, but i wear it in the opening 30 minutes of a ride.

    my favorite thing about this jacket is that it goes into the back pocket and doesnt take up a whole pocket in a jersey. it is great coverage in a tiny package.

    the fit is good, more like a jersey version of a jacket than a jacket fit. i dont like flappy rain jackets, hate them.

    one thing is that there is only one pocket, the one in the back, which the jacket folds into.

    i havent had the chance to try the assos product, but hey, its assos. it will be expensive, but will work great and last forever.

    i might have a post about this jacket later

    thanks for reading, good to know someone is

  3. Alright, thanks a lot for the input. Interesting blog you have, I’ve bookmarked you and look forward to new posts!

    I guess we’ll never get a jacket that’s both rainproof and “breathable”, so as longs as it helps me through the occasional showers i’ll be happy.

    although i’ve paid premium cash for an assos bibshorts, i’m reluctant towards paying $250 for an “emergency” piece…

    anyway, i guess i still have some time to consider my options given that the roads still are covered with snow and ice!

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