Posted by: angrybeesound | February 8, 2009

one of our own

A rider was killed Wednesday morning in Ballard-

Kevin Black, a 39-year-old father of two who died after colliding with a van Wednesday on 24th Avenue Northwest in Ballard. Black, a molecular neurobiologist, was such an avid bicyclist that he pedaled from Seattle to California for his high school reunion.

There was a memorial ride for Kevin this morning, organized by his family and his team. It starting at the intersection of the accident and ending at Golden Gardens state park. Many came out on a typical February day in Seattle to pay their respects for a fallen rider.



I’d say two hundred riders were there, but I could be off by alot. Some fully kitted out in team gear, kids with their parents friends and family of Kevin. Old, young, high zoot whips (yes i said it) to beach cruisers- all cyclists. It seems that one of the countless decisions we all make during a ride or a commute was a miscalculation. Sometimes you can get away with those bad decisions, this time it didn’t happen for Kevin. Often we forget what we’re doing can be dangerous, we ride like were invulnerable, the only thing that can hurt us is the pain we inflict on ourselves.


I didn’t know Kevin. Seeing videos of him played on TVs at the community center with his daughters- at birthdays, on vacations, learning to ride their own bikes took Kevin from being a name and made him a face, a whole person, a great person who had lots of life left in him. His love of his daughters was evident as was his love of life and cycling.

Bikes loose in car-bike accidents, no matter whose fault it is bikes loose.

Be safe out there chickadees.

The family has asked that all donations go to Cascade Bike Club

read the full story here

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