Posted by: angrybeesound | January 27, 2009

my day

The alarm is scheduled to go off at 8:15. I’m awaken by a flicker. The sun has risen but the I-5 bridge (over lake Union) blocks it briefly. Well temporarily blocks it, the slow  morning commute traffic on the bridge interrupts the light. A bus dims part of the light falling on the opposite wall, a car doesn’t occlude it at all, and suv does briefly, a large truck blocks the light. This is for 4 lanes of traffic, so the amount of light is completely random, it is beautiful, on and offs and dims play across a rectangle in gold. From here on the day is tough.

I’ve got the routine down, lightly put on a kettle, go shower and shave. Get out of the shower put some naan in the toaster and pour the now boiling water in the french press. Emerge dressed a few minutes later with toasted naan, ready for humus (man I turned into a hippie) and avocado, coffee ready to be plunged. I fill a thermos with the brown juice, drink the exactly one cup left in the press (I am good, even if I am a hippy) eat, drink coffee and some apple juice. I’m headed out the door as my 9:04 alarm goes off.

It is cold for Seattle, 30 degrees, there is frost on the lawn and the cars. I walk 4 blocks to the north side of the Montlake bridge. I arrive before Steve, but not Rachel. Ok, not their real names, but Ive seen them almost every morning and I have given them those names, Steve and I nod to each other. I hop on the 9:14 #49 bus to Capital Hill. I read “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” for grins, I like it, esp the last few graphs. By 9:30 and we’re at Seattle Central Community College, not where I am going, but close enough. I walk the last 4 blocks to Seattle U, jaywalking across Madison, it is hard to run with a full bag.

First class is Contemporary International Relations at 10. I’m early so I go over the reading, drink some coffee, the thermos makes it taste like rubber. We watch Part of a Frontline episode to give us some background on some readings about applied political theory in Iraq, paying 10k a quarter and I am watching a tv show in class?

Class is out at 11:25. I have half an hour to kill till my next class, 2 rooms away, Macro Econ. I enter as the previous class gets out, drink some more coffee, read some blog posts on my laptop and review the chapter. Rishi is a one off, during the break we talk about the recent episode of Battlestar Galactica. “if it looks like a duck, goes quack like a duck, it must be a duck” is really funny in a thick Indian accent. ‘Quack’ becomes ‘quewk’ ‘duck’ transforms into ‘dook’ I had to stiffle a laugh. Coffee runs dry. 1:25 and it is two down.

Women of the Hebrew Bible is the last class of the day, I have 5 minutes to walk to the Nursing building. twenty-two students in class, two dudes and Kyle is not here. We take too much time recapping and going over group work from two sessions ago, the proffessor is getting sloppy, we’re behind. My groups tertiary source is a midrash that is only one page and the referenced Bible verses are short. I present  it quickly, others, not so much. Bing 3:30, class is done. I pack up and leave campus.

It is still cold, no more than 38, and there is a wind off the Sound. Walking down Madison I see a phrase that will get all dudes, hook, line and sinker ‘Big Macs, 2 for $3’ I don’t even like Big Macs overly much. But I get two. It is like a shoe sale for my sisters.

I get all pretty and am on the floor by 4:15, night looks light, but heavier than it has been. It is a decent night, one of my servers decides to be the closer, so I am there an hour longer, but it is an easy hour, we get two singles, a duce of Germans and a three top. I have a chocolate sundae. I am walking out the door at 11 pm, not bad actually. Staying was financially worth it, I had a good night. I was dragging for the last hour or so, had some bad nights drinking cofee after 9,  so I just embrace being tired. I Walk with a tuition payment or a quarter of rent. I hook a ride from a cocktailer who lives on the way. Through the door at 11:30. It is cold, no one was home all day.

I grab a quick bite, see some emails, offers for talks and updates to handouts for papers. Write some drivel down.

I will repeat with variation on wednesday and friday.

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