Posted by: angrybeesound | January 19, 2009

one january day

Seattle gets the dank in the winter, wet, i the 40s and sometimes breezy. Overall the season is gray in color and gray in feeling. The kind of gray where you only know vaguely where the sun is in the sky. This usually lasts from November till February. Imagine my surprise when I we had some of this on a Sunday in January.


View from Magnollia of downtown Seattle, with the old man (rainier), which is a 75 mile drive away

I grabbed my nice bike off the rack, dusted it off, yes literally,  inflated the tubless tires that had gone soft (it has been a while) and went for a ride. I rode in shorts in January! I Rode with winter gloves my new hat and thick, long wool socks, but still, shorts man. The ride wasn’t far, it wasn’t fast, but it was fun. One of those rides that is more about how much you love to ride your bike than anything else. I turned the pedals at my own pace, having it feel good to be riding in something other than drizzle and to work. I  stopped at Golden Garden State Park and climbed the Ballard Hill.

img_0115ah camera phones…

So the hat. Looks great, here I am tongue out, rocking my new fatcylict jersey to boot


It is a good little hat. Consider it a step between a light cap and a full thermal hat. My one gripe with it concerns the bill. If you go over 32mph the bill, which is wool like the rest of the lid looses shape and presses against you forehead, and for me at least, impaired vision in the drops. I’ll give it another go, might look into some sort of reinforcement, but thus far this is not the experience I was looking from with this hat.

great day though, thought I would share.

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