Posted by: angrybeesound | December 12, 2008

my desk

so ive taken a picture of my desk a few times over the years, i went and plucked them out of iphoto. in sequence

2004. windows – xp2000+ ~300 gig  of hard drive,tv connected via s video, with a 19 inch sony trinitron monitor.


later 2004. oh man, lots going on here. g3 ibook, g4 powerbook. and the last windows computer id own. xp 2500+ dvd burner, 9600xt video card, and i was the first person i knew with a gig of ram. first use of external hard drive.


still 2004, maybe o5. same pc, same powerbook, but a 23 inch apple cinema display. the powerbook didnt really have the juice to run it, but oh it tried. at this point i was using macs again as my primary machine. check out the fan controller on the pc case, oh yeah, i could go TURBO.img_550

samish, but here the pc was using the 15 inch lcd and the mac was using the 23, dogmatic switch here. img_691

2006. here i am in the attic, sold the pc, sold the powerbook and the cinema screen, bought a plane ticket to europe and a macbook pro. same altec lansing speakers and microsoft mouse from the begining .


things stayed the same for a while, i was really happy with my macbook pro, it ran what i needed, played some games in windows via bootcamp.

2008. then i saw another g4 powerbook on craigslist, man i loved that computer, so i bought it for cheap.


then i got the upgrade bug, i had a portable laptop so the bigger laptop was desk bound, and it was getting slow for somethings i wanted to do. so via the wonderous craigslist i found someone looking to sell a 24 inch imac an get a macbook pro, so i proposed a trade. i think we both came out winners and right now my desk looks like this-


there are some klipsch speakers in there now as the altec lansings  got scratchy. the blueotooth logitech crapped out so i got a revolution (i love this mouse) theres an ipnone in there now, a big ole lacie hard drive, a usb hub, i really like the setup.

i got a kick out of looking at the dock icons changing, staying the same, coming back.

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