Posted by: angrybeesound | December 8, 2008

Banff Mountain Film Festival

thursday night ruchi and i went to the banff mountain film festival world tour. great stuff, chances are they are coming to a place near you soon, or you missed it, in which case, suckage ensues.

ive been to a few over the years, but have missed the last couple. we were literally in the last row after montelake traffic was worse than normal, it was held the the seattle mountaineers new building out in the sand point boneyards.

the first film was my favorite all night. lo and behold i found it in online, not such a large feat at 6 minutes. but still its good stuff.

a few notes

-man there were lots of nalgene bottles and gortex in the hall

– 20 seconds of water sports in 3 hours

-30 seconds of biking

-corporate interests seem ot be getting more and more of a foothold in this series, many of the films were sponsored

-there was one amazing backcounty mountaineering and skiing film which drew plenty of ‘ahs’ and ‘sweet’ from the audience, but the trials bike rider RIDING ON  FRICKING CHAIN between two cement blocks drew ‘thats impossible’ and ‘no fucking way’ ‘a chain dude,,,,,,a chain’


  1. Wow, that film was amazing. I used to live at the top of that giant cliff they were jumping off (the town is Murren in Switzerland). Thanks for bringing back the memories – now I want to go back and try some of that stuff 🙂

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