Posted by: angrybeesound | October 14, 2008

jumping off bridges

everyone has jumped off a bridge. well, everyone cool has jumped off a bridge.

they dont have to be big to give you that rush.

the decision to jump is bigger than the action of jumping, one simple step (or a leap) and gravity takes care of the rest. the more you think about it the harder it is to jump.

when i jumped off this when i was a high schooler i could fake myself out, almost jumping gave you a little rush. you think ‘woah, what if i had just jumped’ etc.

the smart jumpers are usually the people who might not otherwise display a keen intellect. oddly it is usually their idea to jump in the first place. the smart jumpers walk up, make sure the jump is safe and they jump. they give no time to let their mind fuck with them.

the situation can happen when there are no bridges

i jumped off a bridge today, the specifics arent important. it was something simple, just like that first step off the bridge. the act was small but will hopefully will bring about some big life changes (man i hate that term, but here it is apt). but id put it off, part of it for something like 3 months and for 3 years, yes i am that lame, before that. the longer you sit at the top the harder it can become to jump. no matter how long you stand on the rail the action of jumping takes the same effort. it might be more liberating the longer you are there.

below is my favorite picture of jumping off a bridge, taken at the perfect moment, which is hard on point and shoots. the bridge wasnt tall, but for an eight year old it was big.  the water was cold, glacial melt from a nearby mountain and the current was decent. we were on the ledge for a long time. i knew the jump fast rule, she didnt. she needed encouragement and wanted to hold hands on the way down. i weigh almost 4x as much as she does, turns out physics is right and i fall faster. here is the result. she hit the water doubled over, knocked the wind out of her…lesson learned. jump fast, and alone


  1. That is a great picture.
    I went to college in a town with several bridges over rivers that were not that clean. The water quality after landing always seemed at least as dangerous as the actual jumping was.
    Of course I’ve jumped off them, the most fun was to sort of nonchalantly step over the side when some tourists are walking over the bridge the other direction. Fun times….

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