Posted by: angrybeesound | September 21, 2008

sunday project #1

so when i got my super wonderful bike from chuck ibis it came pretty much complete. the things i was going to add what they were going to be,

seat- slr (though my ass and i are having a conversation on that right now)

pedals – look keos

computer – just put my garmin on it with the spare mount

so the only real ‘decision’ was bottle cages. as i got the bike for basically free i was ok spending some money on cages, and dont worry about me being super vain. i decided that the amount of money i spent on cages was going to be matched 1:1 in donations to good causes. spencer, laf and real change and my favorite seller, willy, who sells on 3rd and columbia all got some money.

options i looked at

specialized rib cage. i have these on my look, they appear to be carbon but are plastic, theyre cheap (16 bucks) arent super heavy (37) grams, but ive lost some bottles with these and smaller bottles have had a tendancy to quasi drop and get stuck.

tacx i thought about these because theyre cheap, but ive had two sets break off at the mountaing point, so bagh, ill pass.

zipp were on the list, light and blingy, the gloss set me off.

i ended up getting the speedplay cages. 65 bucks EACH. the guy at the shop tried to justify it by saying they came with a bottle…17 grams and matte in finish. ive had them, they havent dropped any bottles they hold snuggly but, one problem, i dont use speedplay pedals, so project time.

i did some research about clearcoat, wet dry sanding etc. turns out these logos arent clear coated so all i needed was a green scotchbrite pad and some time.



now that looks GOOD! a little pedros bike lust shined it up nicely.

but i like ‘speed’ and i like to ‘play’ so i taped off one of each word on each cage, on alterating sides with the other side blank. so i got

yeah, this one doesnt look so good here, i rubbed a little hard, but this was before bike lust

other side

and on the ride.

total time, about 20 minutes, including unmounting, taping and sanding.

cost, free i had a big pack of scotchbrite pads in the drawer, i use them also to clean road crap out of brake pads.

all and all i think it looks pretty good. the drive side says ‘play’ the non drive says ‘speed’ i guess if i ever raced ( id be hesitant to race on the ibis) on the ibis id probably switch them around.

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