Posted by: angrybeesound | September 21, 2008

day 3

august 17th-

woke up at mazama campground. id ridden 140 the day before in some record breaking heat and 100 two days before that. i kinda wanted to sit on my butt and eat chips all day. it didnt happen. today i was to ride 100 miles from 6000 feet of elevation back to glide which sits at 700, but before i could begin the long sloping downhill i had to climb back up to 7600 at the rim.

the colburns were going back to seattle a different way so i would be solo again for the ride, and i had to ride in order to get to my car. the nice thing about being solo was i was able to switch out my slr saddle for keith arione. im seriously looking into getting one of these, the slr is great for 100 miles or 5 hours, whichever comes first. but for multi day, long distance it hurts me in ways i would only convey were this a medial blog, and i dont have pictures of the carnage.

this bar tape was new 4 days ago

so we packed camp, camp and everything around crater lake are dusty. thats the only bad thing i can say about camping at mazama. the campsites are big, really well spaced and have good utlities.

i mounted the bike, and again climbed up to the rim, id been up and down this road twice already, there is a section of it i love, the switchbacks towards the top, the grades are there, but they feel like nothing. it is just good riding.

i take some time to get to the rim, there isnt much left in the legs right now, ill have to husband what i have, and ill have to eat lots of candy. i get a pin and some candy bars at the rim village. take some pictures.

ill tell you about the duck some other time.

i say goodbye to the rim, take another picture of the old white tree, which is starting to look worse for wear.


8-17-08, freaky, exactly 4 years ago..

i see a forest fire before i start down. this is apperently the royce union fire, a month ago

i stop and have some pictures taken of me at the entrance to the park

the next couple of hours are good riding, im going downhill. nothing steep, but i soon get used to cruising at 30-35 with very little imput on my part towards the pedals. i stay in the big ring for something like 43 miles and dont use my brakes for the entire distance from diamond lake (stop for more candy bars) to watson falls.

the weather is alot better today, the clouds had moved in and everything was cool. i seriously wouldnt have minded this cloud cover on the previous rides. there was aslo some smoke in the umpqua valley from a number of fires that had been started by lighting.

then i ride, i am tired, but dont really have an option. time passes, it becomes hours, i play distance games in my head. i say games, other people would say ‘i do some math in my head’ but im really bad at head math so these ‘calcualtions’ take on my of a game mentality.

i listen to some music on my iphone. i make fun of jack johnson alot…like alot, but to tell you the truth ive never really listened to more the 3-4 songs. someone gave me a cd and asked i give it an actual listen, so i try to, really i do. i dont know how much success it meet with. i switch to some yo la tengo, which is great riding music.

i get deep tired. not like ‘woah, slow down lets do some active recovery’ but ‘woah, hey buster, do you want to finish? then slow the hell down, oh yes, another snickers bar please’i have this and many other conversations thoughout the day.

heres my route

then i get close and it starts to rain, i didnt bring cover as it was 95 the day before, ah micro climates.

i enter glide with smoke hanging below the clouds, damn this is a small town.

on the way down i hadnt really had enough to drink, i stop at a store and get 4 32 oz gatorades. i am headed to dinner in portland with my sisters and on the road i drink 3 of them, i didnt pee for some time

by the numbers

time – 6:04 total time, 4:54 of ride time

distance – 93, ok, not 100, i lied.

avg speed 19.0, max 42.

elevation +6,200 (wtf?) – 11,981. yeah there was some climbing to the rim and some light rollers in the day, but i think that gain is way off.

i plan on doing this again next year. maybe next year i can get keith to do it.

fun stuff

woke up 7 am

rode from 8:40 -2:40

drove glide-portland 3-6:30

dinner 7-9

drove to seattle 9-12:30

i slept from 1am to 1pm

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