Posted by: angrybeesound | September 10, 2008

day 2

there is a crappy part of a night when youre planning for the ride the next day. this crappy time of revelation involves time management.

the ride starts at 7, we’re not registered, registration opens at 6:30, itll take us 40 minutes to ride to the start line, I like to eat in the morning, were camping which makes this a little more difficult. the amount of sleep I am going to get  goes down and down and then down some more. then you come to grips with that realization it is 1040 pm, you have some prep to do with gear, like find it in your pack  and you have to wake up at 4:30.

the alarm goes off and it is dark; there is some light visible above the pondorosa and lodgepole pines. it is a promise of the day to come, but that promise is some time from bearing fruit, keiths (hes famous) alarm hasnt gone off and hes slower to get ready than i am. i throw on shorts and my fat cyclist jersey (07 pink lemonade) it is cool so i throw a pullover over the jersey, i eat some magic cereal, and by magic cereal i mean captain crunch. theyre little golden nuggets of joy and happiness, suspended in a sea of milk. soon im ratcheting down the shoes and were off. keith and i ride from mazama village campground, great place to stay by the way, to ft klamath, 18 miles distant, 2000 feet below.

i like captain crunch.

keith and i neglected to bring lights, cause were dumb. we tape these wondrous 2.99 led flashlights that you can get at napa auto parts stores that are AMAZING to our handle bars and despite what the ghostbusters will have you believe, we cross streams in the morning gloom. the amount of light doesnt matter, i think we ran across 3 cars all coming the other way and the road is straight.

on the way we pass a dog in his yard, he jumps up to give chase, more of a ‘ohh look something to chase’ than a ‘motha trucker gonna die!’ a frightfully gravely NO! cowers him and he heads back to the porch, the dog was on the route, I bet he had a busy day, its probably his favorite day of the year.

usual registration razz and jazz only bike numbers, no bib numbers.

ride organizers bunch us up for the start, only allowing 10 at a time. this seems like a funny idea as there is absolutely no traffic that pacelines would have to contned with.

heres my trick, that lets me always have a good ride i dont really look at maps of rides, i just think of the mileage and the climbing. had i looked at maps i would have seen that the route is 100 miles, but the first 30 is riding the fertile farm and ranch lands in the lahar prone valley of the mountain (lahar is one of my favorite words) the sojurn into the sticks is literally to rack up milage so a full century can be offered, a metric century is offered without the farmland trek.

keith and i latch onto a really strong rider, this guy isnt messing around. he was grinding 25 on the flats solid we offered to pull, he said he was fine. this rider had a 53×39 and what looked like a 12-23, this guy was loaded for bear.

after the ride up the mountain my legs arent fresh, so i drop back and let the two of them slide away. if i had a mantra on these rides it is ‘you gotta ride your own ride’ i had to ride mine and it wasnt keeping up with speedy. i tone it back, put on my ipod (i know i know) and pass lots of cows. keith hangs with the rider, something that cost him later.

miles 30-40 are the same stretch of road we descended like ghosts in the gloom this time were going up. in 10 miles we ascend from 4,200 to 5,800, so not tons of climbing, but enough to feel like youre climbing, i got passed by some folks at this point, some of them were gung ho racer types.

at mazama village we start climbing the mountain proper. the next 10 miles(40-50) have the same amount of climbing as the previous 10 over the same grades, but the two sets are very different. the previous is riding up the shoulders of the mountains, big general uphill, where the next is riding up a ravine with great twists and turns; a drop off the on the other side of the road and a cliff to your right, very dramatic. i like this kind of riding alot more than the big open hill. it is rather quiet in this stretch, no other riders find me. i listen to yo la tengo ‘i am not afriad of you and i will beat your ass’

mile 55 finds me at the rim again, going  clockwise to the counter of a few days ago. the next 20 some odd miles will have me riding some of the more scenic and breathtaking roads i know of. not too hard, but with some good pitches and im not alone.

there are butterflys, millions of them. i first saw the butterflys part way up the hill, around dry creek store. little orange butterflys about the size of a half-dollar coin. the cars coming down from crater lake looked like they had been attacked with roudy paintball gun wielding teenagers. i saw one or two, then more, then more. the ground was strewn with their bodies after they get whipped around in the blast of passing cars, they never got too think but there were millions of butterflys, northern california turtlebacks on their migration. park staff said they had never seen them so thick, birds were in heaven picking up the tasty little morsels off the road. the first big descent on the rim lets me experience another facet of the butterfly experience, they pop when you hit them going fast.

and they leave little mustard spots on you-

the ride is getting warm. i know some people say that it doesnt matter if liquid is cold or warm, hydration is the key, but i know cold liquid would taste better than warm. i flit between a few groups, not really riding with anyone and not killing myself (39×28 aint a bad bailout gear) when it gets steep.

i cruise past people on the downhills (thank you 53-11 and solid brakes!)

i like that over the shoulder on the descent shot, ive never had one of these turn out.

they usually turn out like this-

with the camera loop getting in the way.

the cruise down from the ranger station is good, much better in the sun than in twilight. at mazama village i keep going. had i stopped at the campground it would have been a 100 miles, if i go back to the start ill log 140 for the day. earlier i dropped my pullover at a sag stop, forcing myself to do the 140.

its hot, i get in with some cat 4s doing a rotating paceline, i dont really have the head or the legs for it so i sit back, jump in for some roatations, a rotating paceline with 3 riders doesnt make sense to me. they get spend themselves and i end up pulling the last mile or two. then were done.

i finished 7th or 14th depending on which of the ladies at the start line i believe, i know a few metric riders were already back. i learned the rider that i rode with earlier finished first.the bbq was nothing worth noting, it never is. i ate with the 4s i finished with, got offered a ride back up the hill to mazama even though they were going the other way. i declined, said id set myself up for big miles this weekend and wasnt going to get out of them.

after that display of machismo and bravo the ride back up the hill totally sucked. i was in one of those danger areas as i hadnt filled up my bottles before id left, as i mentioned before, im dumb. i shut off the computer and spun easy, riding my own ride, and at this point it was a slow, get off the bike in the shade everyone once in a while type of ride. it was hot, later learned it was 95. the tar seals on the pavement were bubbling and slick. the riders coming the other way started out looking strong, but then started looking more and more spent. i bet i mirrored them, i cheered them on, seemed to help some of them.

pulled into the campground, grabbed some cold beer (my favorite kind) find a empty campsite. keith had suffered and melted in the heat. ill wager part of that came the early keeping pace with speedy and ducked in at the campsite on his way back, doing 100.

its a good ride

heres the elevation graph

the numbers

total time – 8:13, 4:05 pace
moving time- 7:22, 3:39 pace
distance 120.78
moving speed 16.4, 44.8 mav
elevation gain +8,378/ – 10,219
temp avg 81, 96 high


  1. Cool. Wish you had a pic of riding throuh the swarm of butterflies though…

  2. Hey Matt, it was nice meeting you at one of the rest stops. Congrats on an epic weekend!

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