Posted by: angrybeesound | August 18, 2008


last month i donated some money to a great cause, the lance armstrong foundation, the money was donated as part of a raffle organized by fatty of fatcyclist. 1234  fat cyclists donated 39k over 10 days. well turns out i won the big prize and after a little time i got my new bike –

ill get some more/better pics up later. the bike is amazing. i did 330 miles over the weekend in the crater lake area of oregon.

day 1 – glide oregon to mazama campground via 138 and the rim road ~98 miles
day 2 – crater lake century + 36 to and from start line ~136 miles
day 3 – mazama village back to glide oregon ~ 96 miles

this was the ‘getting to know you’ part my relationship with my bike. the bike is a pleasure to ride. ibis makes a great bike and the shimano 7900 stuff is super. right now i can probably say im the slowest person riding 7900.

i like the way it turned out, the aesthetics are pleasing to me and the performance is amazing, i love the bike i was riding before, it did everything i wanted it to. somehow this one does it better, smoother yet stiffer, there was no learning curve with the bike, it fit well and was comfortable from the git go. i dont have the right words for to describe the ride of this bike, but i feel like my pedal strokes are more circular. the full dura ace drivetrain is smooth and the power of the brakes is impressive, a faster ramp up than the zero g’s ive been riding. ive been a compact crank rider so the 53/39 is a step up for me. the standard crank is mitigated by the 11-28 cassette. i did ‘some’ climbing over the 330 and i never felt i didnt have a gear i needed.

this is my fist new new bike since my 1996 gary fisher kaitai, ive been piecing together parts and frames from ebay, craigslist, classified etc. it the first bike i completely built from new parts, lots of boxes. first set of wheels bags too, neat idea.

build list-

ibis silk sl 58 cm in red
easton ec 90 sl fork
ibis stem
easton ec 90 slx bar
easton ec 90 post
full dura ace 7900 – sti, brake, bb, f an r der crank w/ 53/39 and 11-28 cassette  (sweet)
dura ace 7850 sl wheels
hutchinson fusion 2 tires (not tubeless)
speed play cages
look keo carbon pedals

i put my slr on the bike as the selle san marco cymano wasnt doing much for me. there is an arione on it right now.

the shop scale rang in at 15.4, my look was just under 18.

id like to thank-

fatty- for putting this on. you the man.

chuck ibis- for putting up with my incessant ‘is it ready yet’ emails.

shimano- for throwing down and sending 7900 and the wheels



  1. Daaaamn, that is a very fine bike. I would be jealous except I just got a new road bike my self (though I didnt get it for free, sigh). I am definitely jealous of your weekend around crater lake, what a beautiful spot.
    Even just sitting still in that photo that bike clearly wants to go really fast. Enjoy!!!!

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  4. This is completely amazing. Just 165 miles across 4 days killed me, and I didn’t even touch that elevation. I am majorly impressed!

    Oh, and cool bike, too =)

  5. Dang, that’s a sweet bike. I’m glad a fellow pacific northwesterner won it. Enjoy.


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