Posted by: angrybeesound | July 7, 2008

the things i carry

I got to talking to another cyclist about things to carry when riding. this person is newer to cycling and currently rides with nothing, i expressed my dismay and said ‘everyone walks home once’ i have a big ride coming up so i figured id go through my kit and make sure i have what i need. heres a picture of what i carry on a big cycling day. i tend to not use a seat pack. ive just gotten out of the practice of it. i have a few bikes and would rather have one good kit than a few. plus i commute to work often on the bike and dont wear a jersey, the pump, tube and oh shit kit spend some time in a messenger bag-

as im going through this i see alot of stuff isnt in the picture, oops.

left pocket

  • id, health insurance info, keys
  • canon sd100, this little guy refuses to die (reminds me of wall-e) 3 megs, all the labels are worn off, on its 3rd battery, yeah there are smaller, newer ones, but it hasnt given me reason in 4 years to replace it, it has been sweat on, dropped, rained on, crashed…
  • cellphone, usually
  • small contain of baby wipes, face wipe is prieceless

items in center pocket of jersey

these items the timbuk2 pack (matt’s ‘oh shit kit’ ) on the right

  • conventional patch kit, 5 patches, sand paper, glue, 2 of those worthless park glueless patches.
  • small single serving dose of lube, theyre freebies at events, and this is my last one
  • 10 speed sram mastlink
  • 2 safety pins
  • 5 links of chain
  • small pill container with some strong ibu
  • original leatherman, pliers are priceless
  • topeak mini 18 tool, with chain breaker
  • the guts of one of those ‘crash packs’
  • 4 small zip ties

not in oh shit kit, but still in center pocket

  • crank brothers pump, nice little pump. doesnt just let you limp along, with forearm fortitude itll get you to 110
  • tube with tire irons rubber-banded to it.

right pocket –

  • food, even for supported rides ill carry something just in case, no more GU! im a dude but im partial to the lemon luna bars, nature valley granola bards and lemon poppy seed cliff bars when i can find them
  • probably some hard candy for death ride, something like those strawberry ones, those are good. maybe some licorice.
  • sunscreen -rarely used, if it gets in my eyes it is game over.
  • chap stick- im a lip licker and get chapped
  • i have a little OR wind shell that balls up, start death ride with it, or arm warmers. can always drop at top of monitor
  • keo covers

any carry anything odd? i havent mentioned the duck.


  1. Where’s the first aid kit?

  2. i usually dont carry anything more than a few small bandages and an antiseptic wipe or two. you can see it between the pump and black bag. i use this as a further reason not to fall down.

    ive been on a few road rides where someone falls and gets decently dinged up. the meager capabilities offered 1st aid kits are usually not up to the needs of a good road rash.

    ive seen socks and water bottles used far more effectively than a first aid kit.

  3. Good point. I only ride a mtn bike and crash often so a fully stocked first aid kit is always in my bag. What do you think of the new fat cyclist jerseys?

  4. i think theyre hot.

    its nice to see a difference between the different years. i like my 07 more than my 08, partially because they were out of larges and i had to get an xl this year.

    i like how every jersey will have pink. i think thats a good message/idea

    ride with pride.

  5. ibuprofen is definitely my favorite cycling first aid product.

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