Posted by: angrybeesound | July 2, 2008

death ride goals and dreams

i finally managed to pick up a death ride entry via craigslist, all the ones for sale were in northern CA and if people had one they were unwilling to ship it to seattle. the death ride is a much hyped multi pass ride in the sierra nevada mountains of california. by the numbers it is 129 miles 15,000 feet of climbing and 5 passes. big day. 3000 riders.

im more confident of the ride this year than last. last year i knew i had 5 passes, but i really couldnt turn each pass into a picture of reality, this year i can, i know the course somewhat. i also have been alot faster and a stronger climber this year than last. long drive.

– nancy i lost your address, ill just use the one on the envelope, i promise.


  • finish 5 passes again this year and have a safe, good (in that order) ride
  • not stop as long as rest stops, this shouldnt be a problem as ive stopped waiting for keith on climbs
  • not stop at top of monitor 1, bottoms of ebbetts 2
  • eat more and earlier, reduce cramping later
  • use ibuprofen earlier
  • WIN! – make a ‘win susan!’ poster for the top of carson
  • take video of ride
  • hit 60 on carson
  • after kicking ass, take some names

hopes (ie things i have no control over) for the death ride

  • have my new bike to ride by then, I love my look, but…shiny! no ibis for death ride =(
  • have keith finish 5 passes
  • cool weather
  • the after the ride bbq not to suck
  • sign the poster in the same spot

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