Posted by: angrybeesound | June 30, 2008

truth of sport

i watched some tv today, lovely nbc on over the air in hd, cable just looks like poop compared to it. the olympic track and field trials in eugene, oregon and the swimming in omaha nebraska,

it was great to see a sports event without the problems the tour or american sports suffer from. olympic track, and the parts of the olympics not judged for scores, seems a much purer sport than the over paid super-egos smashing homeruns, or the still over paid superstars that dont play defense and get to take 4 steps (sidenote- that being said i love the fact a team with a variety of skilled players beat the team with the superstar through teamwork, good defence and shared scoring).

it was amazing watching tyson gay run today. yeah the wind made it not count for a record, but this was  the fastest a man has run the distance of 100 meters in history. he fucking flew and he was humble about it. he embraced the runners he was going to beijing with. under 10 seconds before he had been competing with them, now they were teammates. how did he react to his race?

” it was ok. ”

humble guy, it couldnt get any better.

then it did.

records were set in both men’s and women’s 400 m IM with 2 swimmers in the men’s, phelps AND lochte both broke the existing world record. hoff set the record for the women. again they were humble-

“it hurt alot. i definetely wouldnt have been able to do it without lochte in the pool next to me” -phelps. and he didnt lead the whole way, it was back and forth and damn close at the end. amazing race, that 4 minutes stretches out to an eternity.

hoff, the poor girl who had trouble in athens is all grown up now said –

” i was just hoping for a good time, and it happened to be a world record”

contrast that to what barry bonds said when he hit the record homerun

“i knew i hit it, i knew igot it. I was like, phew, finally.” yeah, i know he thanked his team later, but those were the first words out of all the world record holders mouths.

i like baseball, i enjoy basketball, i can stand football. but id rather watch ncaa bball, and (hell) fall city little league over nba. right now im thinking, you take away the huge money, you get the sport back.

maybe im just an elitist prick and its late at night


  1. I watched that too, and was totally blown away. There are so many problems with the olympics as an institution but watching the fastest people in the world express their amazing speed, well, I forget about the other stuff. Boy, I wish I had cable for the Olympics!!

  2. I completely agree. Take the big money out and get the sport back. for example.
    It’s like people forget the whole point of the game is to have a good time.

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