Posted by: angrybeesound | June 30, 2008

ride the lighting

first- im dumb, dont do shit like this. putting yourself in this situation could really mess up your week.

seattle people are sissies. we bitch about the weather all the time, it snows 3 times a year, we complain. if it is little windy out, we’ll bitch. it rains a bunch and we complain a bunch. it is like a badge of shared burden we all share, like crappy sports teams, not that we know about that here in seattle… but it was hot today; i grew up in a desert (well, an irrigated one) and it was hot by desert standards, 93. seattle houses dont have air conditioning, and my bedroom is upstairs, yes reader(s?) there are spots in my bedroom where i cant stand up straight. sometimes i feel like i live in a submarine.  the room heats up early as i face west, and then it gets hot. i was downstairs alot today. i was upstairs and the clock/thermometer said 103 at one point, too fucking hot.

it was too hot to ride today, i think that was understood by both my riding buddy and i, we had a ‘hey wanna ride sunday?’ ‘oh yeah, wed better’ agreement, but neither of us called. i almost went out without a bike to go swimming in his lake. it is usually 5 degrees cooler out where he lives, forest vs concrete jungle, good day for swimming, not for biking.

i stayed at home, watched some tv, read some books, took intermitant naps. i love intermitant naps. took time freezing ice cubes and using them. watched some amazing olympic qualifying.

then the big ball of fission plasma went beyond the horizon and the clouds moved it, creating a glorious sunset with lots of pinks and some rare purples. god bless the pacific ocean and sea breezes as it was soon cool enough for a ride. so i suited up, grabbed the look and went out. it was just dark and everyting looked like an hdr picture, i figured id go do a mercer island loop.

i took basically my commute route for a few miles. it is weird to doing it without a bag over my shoulder and in real biking clothes.

i was headed south through the international district when i saw it, one patch off to the right  was much darker than the rest, it was dingy grey still flecked with pink. then that certain spot of clouds was really bright, then dark. i should have been smarter than that, but the heat of the day cooked up some really pretty decent lighting cells. looking back i think the elctricity in the air compelled me to go ride. i headed out across the i 90  floating bridge, every downstrike caused me to curse (flash, fuck), i really didnt want to die, i had shit to do this week (flash, oh shit) and my house was a mess, id left bowls i used for captain crunch all over the place.

there were two cells, one over renton, one over bellevue. occasionally they would send tendrails between each other. (flash…i get the fucking point..flash)

so there is a lighthing storm, im listening to my ipod and to top it off im riding on a pretty major aterial  with no street lights using bike lights that let you be seen but dont do a damn thing to let you see.

i had a great time.

i havent ridden by myself for a while other than transportation. i like the humm of my tires. not being able to see the bike computer let me not care about speed, anything in the dark feels fast. i didnt know what gear i was in until i hit the top or the bottom of the cassette, most of the gears i was in felt right in a way they usually dont, i sprinted some hills and though i cooked my legs on some steep climbs the other day, my legs felt good.i had to pay attention to the road and consistantly mentally rewrite what it actually was as the dim shadows resolved themselve into reality, i almost missed a quick turn, ended up in the gravel.

i was listening to sigur ros, man thats good riding music. i listened to meo suo i eyrum vio spilum endaust, agaetis byrjun and parts of hvarf. no i didnt just hit the keyboard, no i dont speak icelandic either, but it is beautiful music. riding on rolling terrain, on a bike i know really well while listening to vi var vel til loftarasa was amazing, (flash) i remember listening to that song at night on a plane passing over the canadian rockies, it was one of the perfect moments in life, tonight was close. cirlced the island, pointed towards the sound and home, the dark clouds headed up to the mountains to play nine pins.

grabbed a pita on the way home, had a few rain drops, enough for people in seattle to be reminded of what we used to have.

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