Posted by: angrybeesound | June 26, 2008

bikes and friends

i have one guy i ride with almost exclusively. keith (he’s famous). hes not fast on the hills; and by not fast on the hills i mean i look back and often do a  ‘woah, whered he go?’ but hes an ox on the flats and can out descend me. weve ridden together often enough that i more or less know what he is thinking on the bike, well shift within a second of each other, and can ride really close together. ive also been quasi adopted by his family, i love them all. so whatever limits there are in his riding ability it is far offset by other things. so it works out well, i dont wish to stop riding with keith. we also like doing big events together, flying wheels, tour de blast, death ride, ramrod…

but i have noticed recently that, besides keith, i dont have any friends who ride. in fact, i have many friends who think the riding i do is crazy. i should note, it isnt crazy, it is tame compared to some really crazy people. it is kinda weird to have something i hold so important be so foreign to many of the people i know. i ride more with the colburns dog, bandit, than i do with anyone else besides keith.

i think i need some more friends who ride. ill aim to ride the same amount with keith, usually a tuesday and sunday ride, sometimes a shorter friday ride too. but i do want to do a lot more riding than i am doing, id like to be a monster, but it might have to wait till next year.

my schedule makes riding weird, and lets not talk about how it messes up dating. i work nights and most of the weekend. keith has a non traditional schedule too, so it is nice we both get to ride in the mid day, but it doesn’t make for a wide riding circle.

anyone want to go on a bike ride?

i dont bite, i promise.


  1. Wow, your life sounds a lot like mine. Work at night too which kills any attempt at dating, sucks. I mean who will really hang out and stay up with us until at least 3 or 4 AM on our days off? Yeah, noone! So, needless to say finding bike buddies is rough too…the ipod helps keep me company, but biking with others makes you such a better rider. I guess its a no win situation, must continue to be nocturnal creatures!!!!

  2. i just want to know why 9-5ers want to ride at 7 am on sunday morning? its your day off, lets ride at noon, everyone can do noon.

    they always bitch ‘oh i bet you wont show at 7’ no shit i wont show. i get home from work 4 hours before id have to wake up and go on your ride. lets see some of the suits go with me for a ride after work at 1am. any takers?

    and if you ask a girl to go on a bike ride at 1 am you get a call from the police. ‘no officer, i swear i didnt want to take her somewhere secluded so i could kill her. yeah, i was hoping to sleep with her eventually, but probably not while on the bike’

  3. Wow, you’re funny. Even noon would be pushing it for me on my day off as I get home at 8AM after keeping people alive all night. I actually think a 1AM ride would be awesome, there is less traffic, less people around, the air is crisp and clean, I mean can’t be all that bad. And a guy in a suit on a nighttime ride…sounds tempting!!!

  4. i am funny.

    i went for a ride at 1030 the other night, it was nice. i actually had a volvo commercial moment with the steerable headlights on the car behind me. it was nice.

    wow, helping people cool. i am in the business of serving people things that they do no need.

    you the same erin from fattys blog?

  5. Same Erin from fatty’s. Is that disappointing? Going to change up my routine and ride at 6AM tomorrow. Crazy. Wish I had less estrogen sometimes so that I had the courage to ride by myself at night. Guess I better go out and meet some cycle men!!!

  6. erin
    no, not disappointing at all. its fun to see the same people (commenting and posting) on some of the different blogs.

    yeah, riding at night can have inherent risks, but thus far the payoffs outweigh concerns. i very much enjoy riding at night in the pnw this time of year. i can ride the same road twice- one day, one night and come away with completely different rides. and i always figure if some one is going to mess with me theyre going to have to deal with the fact im getting a good clip on a bike.

    what do you listen to on the ipod when you are riding?

  7. I pretty much will listen to anything upbeat. Some favorites: The Cure, The Killers, Ima Robot, Avenged Sevenfold, and any other random music friends burn me cd’s of.

    So, when are you getting your new bike? Excited yet?

  8. im very excited to get my bike, but it looks like i might not be getting it as soon as i would hope, which would be right now.

    no death ride on the ibis, ramrod on the ibis?

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