Posted by: angrybeesound | June 23, 2008

liking boobs nets me a bike?

UPDATE: i got my bike!! here

one of my favorite blogs is –  fatty (real name elden) has a wife, some kids, and more bikes than kids.  this great wife of his has cancer, and susan is fighting for her life. last year fatty decided to make some jerseys with the people from twin six and maybe we could fight with her symbolically and show our support. i picked up one of these pink jerseys because, well, a – i like boobs, number two- the jerseys fit well and are well made from a good company.

08, fatty has new jerseys. i grab one of the fifty pink ones. over the last year i have followed the site more closely, it is really good. he even won an award for his dribble. elden deals with a difficult, personal, subject in a poetic way. the ‘like dandelion seeds’ post made me get misty about a family ive never met, who live in a state 2 gas tanks away.

last month fatty announced a ‘triathalon’ at his house. not your typical tri -swim, bike, die. this event would be FUN- bike, slide, brats. the event would be a fundraiser for the LFA. I worked an extra shift and socked away a hundred bucks for it.

here’s the kicker. I almost forgot to donate, i was packing for a camping trip (tour de blast, more on that another time) and i was going through some email stuff looking for the registration/confirmation ‘if you don’t have this getting your packet could be a HUGE pain in the ass printout’ i was browsing through history in safari, and bingo, fattys site. i remembered i hadnt donated, i fixed that situation. thought how cool it would be to win the bike, or one of the boomerangs for that matter, and went to bed.

friday, the guy i ride with, (hes famous) his family and i went down to toutle, wa. we had a GREAT experience down there. well, everything was good until the 4 am downpour and not having the rainfly on. today, sunday, we worked our way back to seattle with wet camping gear, a wet dog and four wet people. I went to a little league game with the pseudo family, had dinner at their place because i never turn down food from people who can cook. I came home and HUZZAH!! i have an email from elden saying i won (i thought it was a mistake, i had to read it a few times) i won this-

beauty! ibis silk sl! full dura ace, including the new tubeless wheels, this bike is light, should be just over 15 pounds. they say 900g for a frame, but i should be riding a 58, so that might weigh more (or was the 58 the 900 g?) but itll definitely be a lighter and stiffer bike than i have right now. and i say that loving the bike i have now.

chuck ibis (look at the name on the downtube) said it correctly and has the numbers

People, you’ve outdone yourselves. Our humble little raffle is over and it’s a success beyond our wildest dreams. Here is the final tally from Elden “Fatty” Nelson.

1234 different people bought tickets, with total donations at $37,505.00.

We used to select a winner: Matt Kreger’s a very lucky man. Late Friday he donated $100 to the LAF, getting him 20 tickets: #7223 – 7242, which includes #7232, the winning number. I’m guessing that’s the best $100 he’s ever donated.

So congratulations to Matt, but also to all of you who ponied up for a very worthy cause. It says a lot about all of you and we appreciate that.

We had hoped to raise $10,000 maybe. But early in the week it became evident that we’d go beyond that and maybe hit 20K. We had a late week surge and the number speaks for itself.

We’ll tell you a little more about Matt when we hear back from him.

shot fatty off reply, i was a little excited, so i might have rambeled. I get to pick the color, im leaning towards the red, i do like the way the gray bar tape does with it. sadly the corresponding jerseys are sold out. because ill be that guy (you all know ‘that guy’) who rides the bike with the matching jersey.

technically i think i donated late THURSDAY night. however, it seems in the near future chuck will be mailing me a bike. so i will start calling the day after wednesday friday if you want chuck. 37k, hot damn people, that is amazing! they say the internet is isolating, but i say in this case elden has built a community. and everyone is pulling for susan. WIN!

oh about that 37k elden, i think you should have kept this money for yourself, put your whole family on silks and still had some for the lfa. but you didnt, because that is what kind of guy you are, and i donated because thats the kind of guy i want to be.




  1. […] PS: Matt has a blog of his own and talks about winning the Ibis here. […]

  2. Matt, you suck. 🙂 Congrats on the bike!!
    Ride it a lot!!

  3. […] used to select a winner: Matt from Seattle is a very lucky man. Late Friday he donated $100 to the LAF, getting him 20 tickets: #7223 – 7242, […]

  4. very cool, congrats, from a fellow fatty reader and rider

  5. Congrats on winning. I rode the Tour de Blast this weekend as well and I swear I saw you riding in your pink Fatty Jersey – or at least someone in their pink fatty jersey.

    And I did pass you, but you won the bike, so you got me there.

    Cheers! I’ll look for the bike of dreams next year as you ride past me on your stallion d’reve…

  6. Sounds like the bike is going to a worthy rider. Put up some pics when you take it on the first ride.

  7. congrats matt!!

  8. thank you all. yes, i do suck. im pumped to get the bike. been talking to scot nicol over at ibis over a few emails, im thinking red.

    im dead serious, if youre in seattle and can ride a 58 drop me a line, well ride. you can ride lucy (tentative name for the ibis)

    wade – there was another pink jersey on the course, we actually parked next to him at the high school. you might have seen me, i was on a carbon look. i kept a decent clip, averaged 16.6 for the day.

  9. You seem like you would be a fun riding partner…only wish I lived in WA but I live in Southern California. I will keep my eyes out for handsome men in pink jerseys!

  10. […] winner is Matt from Seattle. Congratulations Matt! He’s got a blog apparently, and already wrote about his great surprise he got last Saturday. I guess Matt saw the raffle and bought $100 worth of […]

  11. dude, that’s awesome! congratulations, and i hope you ride that bike a lot.

  12. […] 1234  fat cyclists donated 39k over 10 days. well turns out i won the big prize and after a little time i got my new bike […]

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