Posted by: angrybeesound | June 18, 2008

Flying Wheels Summer Century

I had an epiphany ride on Sat. I’ve done the Flying Wheels Summer Century every year since I started road biking. The ride is 96 miles with 5500 feet of climbing with a basic Redmond-Snohomish-Monroe-Redmond figure eight with another loop in the middle.

in 2006 I did it in 5:09 and change, I was in the middle of a decent group the 2nd half. In, 2007 I did it a few seconds faster, this time I was leading a decent group. Both times with an average of 18.7. This last Saturday I did the same ride, this time my time was 4:53! with an average speed of 19.7, I was fucking fast all day, fast than I thought I could be for that period of time. It kinda shocked me, made me think about things.

Headed up the last hill, and it is a typical Seattle area hill, 1.5 miles, 500 feet. So, short and steep. I had jumped in with a fast paceline, all riders for the same team and for the most part, pricks. They kept a pretty good pace starting in Snohomish ~35 miles back. Some of the Eastgate riders are fast, some real fast. I rode at the back of their line with a guy I know from a online forum, he’s fast and he’s big. He looks at me at the bottom of the hill and says loudly enough that everyone can hear-
“So, buddy, you got enough to beat these punks up the hill?”
The punks all turn and look at us. I look at him and give him a wordless, ‘fuck you’
He gives me a smile and says “Alright, blue jersey, white jersey and pink jersey coming your way!”

…The red riders were determined to not crack, but the hill didn’t lend itself to drafting, and their good teamwork, so the power of the group was broken and it was all individual riders. The road is wide open and has little traffic so the whole lane and, if needed, the other lane is open for use. I didn’t get all of them, but I got enough for me to be happy, it hurt, but it happened. On passing one of the red riders, he looked at me and said ‘ah, the pink’

I’m starting to think there are limitations to always riding with my current riding partner (he’s famous)- and that is I don’t push myself. I go as fast as he does, but it seems if prodded or given a carrot to chase, I can go faster. Guess I need to look at what I am looking to get out of riding my bike, the riders in red were cat 5’s, and a few 4’s.

I have tour de blast (ride up to Johnson observatory from Toutle, Wa in mt st helens park) on Sat. It is 82 miles with 8200 feet of climbing, it is a monster. Going hard will most likely result in me exploding early, I don’t know the course so I don’t know how to allocate effort, but I have some confidence in my riding ability right now. we’ll see.

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