Posted by: angrybeesound | June 4, 2008


(warning, links abound) 

So my bike sold one ebay. it goes to the great state of canada (yeah, its a state) but before it goes out it needs some attention paid to it – replace a frayed cable housing, re-grease (well ti prep) the bottom bracket. i also need to find a new saddle as the one on there has history (and continents) and stays with me.

Recycled Cycles is usually my place to do these things, but all the decent used parts have been picked through pretty thoroughly so i headed to ballard.

now lets set some things up, ballard is where all the old hippies live, they bought houses in the 70s that are now all worth healthy fractions of a million. youll see lots of mid 80’s volvos with ‘free ballard!‘ stickers usually accompanied by kexp stickers. ballard has the ballard locks, a good chunk of the alaskan crab fishing fleet has home berths in ballard, lots of small, live music – like the tractor (i like how if you google ‘tractor’ the tractor tavern is number 2), its a vibrant progressive neighborhood, but it has a little bit of a snobbery.

the bike shop in ballard is  Second Ascent  they used to be in fremont (next door neighborhood) but they couldnt fake not caring in ‘the center of the universe’  so they moved to historic (brick paved) ballard ave. second ascent is the type of place where there are as many kinds of hot sauce in the bike workshop as there are lubes. yeah, and theyre mixed in together, theres a rice cooker on the workbench. i needed tri prep and they only had the big jug so the mechanic stopped rebuilding an ergo lever and put some into a baggie for me (tell him 1.00). second ascent does all manner of things, camping, hiking, skiing, climbing and biking. they have new and used stuff and lots of mannequin discounts, ie things mannequins wore on display and now cant be sold as new. well theyre 50% off retail there. got my seat, decided to find some lunch, wandered down to great harvest bread  where i got a samwhich (had too much mustard guys, i love stone ground mustard, but this was pasted) and enought bread for 3 weeks, breakfast breads, normal breads, and a few dessert breads.

ballard is just a place thats off the beaten path, a little odd, but mostly harmless. it reminds me of my home town (walla walla) where time still exists, but you look at your watch less frequently, you pay for things in cash and bend down to pet all the dogs in all the different shops. 

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