Posted by: angrybeesound | May 13, 2008

my sad, sad, mountain bike.

11-11-11. Someone is selling a bike using using the picture from this entry. Make sure the bike is legit before you buy it.

I got hit by a car a few years back. I was smooshed pretty good coming down a hill and someone didn’t stop, whack. I went into the back of an Outback driven by an elderly lady. she was at fault and ticketed. i could very well have been messed up, but i walked away from it, had some pretty good soreness but i guess kreger skin is tougher than subaru steel.

my baby, my gary fisher zigurat was toast though. the frame had some good buckles in the headtube, the forks and disc brakes let loose puddles of oil and mineral oil. it was near a complete loss. her insurance company took care of me and didnt give me too much crap about saying i had a 3k bike. i didnt feel the need to sue, so long as i was put back where i was with a smile. the settlement was good. i went to europe for christmas with my family, bought my first digital camera (still kicking!!) a frame and a complete bike.

2003 was a big year as far as changes in my bike life. i grew up riding mountain bikes. I cut my teeth, knees, shoulders, calves and arms riding the north umpqua trail out of glide, where i used to live. when we moved to walla walla i rode the drastically inferior, but still enjoyable south fork (of the walla walla river) i had some good times in and climbing up and out of that river valley. college brought me to a large city and the mountain biking needed a drive to get to. my passion stemmed. i didnt go home in the summer, instead i stayed in seattle, worked my ass off, dated a wonderful girl i thought the world of and bought my first cyclocross bike. 

the hook was set, no more droning of 2.0s on the road and a crusing speed of 17. with the new slicks i had a great humm and i broke through the 20s. 

when i got hit i was at a turning point, should i start investing my biking dollar in road bikes or should i stay true to the mountain. i chose the mountains. i ended up with a dream bike-

merlin oreas frame fox talas rlc, xr.xtr mix, thomson, king etc.

a sweet bike, it ride beautifully. however after 4 years of ownership i can say i made the wrong decision. i rode over 4,000 miles last year, about 100 were on my mountain bike. i dont deserve to have this in the basement, its a wonderful bike, so as much as it pains me, im going to try and sell my merlin, which i named farah. i would like to entertain the idea of still having a mountain bike, so maybe ill just sell the frame, fork, headset, stem and post.


  1. […] my bike sold one ebay. it goes to the great state of canada (yeah, its a state) but before it goes out it […]

  2. LOL, had to read this post, after I see that you won the new one.
    You have to know that Canada is not a State,
    but a country.

    Please know that and I’ll pretend you were just
    kidding about Canada being a State. Ride on up.
    You’ll love it. Vast wide open space..


  3. Your bike is being sold.

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