Posted by: angrybeesound | May 9, 2008

sleep movement

for me there is a point in the ride where it would be nice to be done. it is fleeting, but there is a moment where there is a impulse to stop, to sling my leg over and get off the bike. i get this when i have had enough, or i satisfied whatever itch i wanted to scratch, done my miles, my reps, or its fucking raining again.

i commute to and from work via bike. i usually ride on either my steel and dura ace davidson or my carbon and record look, so the bikes yearn to be ridden, theyre nice bikes, its not like riding them is an unpleasant experience. the commute is only 6-8 miles, depending on route, each way.

tonight when i slung my leg over as i left work, i work nights, i had the feeling of wanting to be done. not 10 yards and my body felt like it wasnted to be done.




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