Posted by: angrybeesound | April 25, 2008

venice 07

this summer i did a bike ride from venice to budapest. i booked a hotel in venice with the internet on the phone while in france for (what i thought) was a great price of 40 euros a night.

when i checked in with my confirmation stuff the front desk guy (owners son) said there was a big problem, that the room was really 400 euros a night, so my 2 night stay went from ~80 euros to 800! euros. the place was super nice, but i couldnt afford the 800 euros. the whole first day i went everywhere looking for other boarding, there was none, no hostel, it was mid july, the hordes had arrived. so i stayed there. had a chef cook me omelets at breakfast, great breakfast, white-gloved service. i was there in flip flops, others were dressed to the 9s, mostly in shades of beige. the bed was super comfy, i had a jacuzzi, which on the second night i used to wash some bike clothes. it was near the church and had a view. I know i was the only person there washing my socks in the room.

i go to check out and im ready to fight them on the bill. fight hard, get the us embassy on the line, marines…and if air strike fails, use the emergancy credit card at the bottom of a pannier. the owner, dad, checks me out. he looks at my confirmation stuff, gives me one of those all knowing winks and says ‘oh looks like well have to fix that price online. did you get enough to eat at breakfast? we have extra if youd like to take some on your ride, how do those campy shifters hold up touring?’

i left with some of the best sausage sandwiches ever. 

this is how the proprietor of the wonderful establishment looked


  1. I’m here because you won the bike from Fatty. When I started reading this entry, I thought it would turn bad (I was sure the emergency credit card was going to be maxed out), but I got to the picture at the end and laughed. That’s very funny!

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