Posted by: angrybeesound | April 10, 2008

davis double

the davis double century is coming up. 5 weeks till i try to pedal 200 miles in a day. ive done a ride of this length once before, in 2006 i rode the stp in one day. however stp was mid july, same day as death ride actually, and davis is in may. this winter has sucked as far as seattle weather goes, hell it snowed the last few days of march, it usually snows only 1-2 a year and we had 3 days of (nonsticking) snow in almost april! the dandelions in the front yard are so confused, i feel they need an after school special, something to work their way through this time of confusion…

so getting shape sufficient to sit on a bike for ~11 hours has been tough to come by, i commute to work by bike, a whole 6 miles each way, not quite the lsd (long slow distance) i need. im working on it, ive done 100 in the last 4 days.

keith will be riding davis, i might not be in prime shape but ill be in better shape than he. only one other person i know is considering the ride, its a ways to come and shes snowbound yet.

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