Posted by: angrybeesound | April 2, 2008

totally random

so im on a ‘date’ with my good friend, nancy, we went and saw kimberly pierce’s new movie. as im pulling out of my parking spot guy runs up to me waving his arms. i thought he wanted my parking spot (it was a good one) or was trying to ward off some danger, construction crane or flaming something. we open a window and it turns out hes asking for a ride to play it again sports. i size him up, hes not real big but had a squirrelly look to doesnt help i am also seat-belted into the drivers seat. he hops in, turns out he needed a ride so he could get a check for the bike he was hocking before they closed. hes in the back seat and sees a pair of sidi shoes and one of the nicer giro helmets, asks if i were interested in the bike. i would have liked to help the guy out, but the last thing i need is another mountain bike, i dont ride the two i have. but how random in this day and age to get some random stranger ask for a ride, oh yeah, it was about 5 blocks.

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