Posted by: angrybeesound | March 7, 2008

crater lake

 “All ingenuity of nature seems to have been exerted to the fullest capacity to build a grand awe-inspiring temple the likes of which the world has never seen before,” said Steel when he found the lake finally with another man, John Beck. In 1902, the lake became a National Park, one of the first in the entire United States.


i lived 45 miles from crater lake for 2 years I only went there 3 times, got an altitude related rash (freaked out my parents) the first time. since, ive done a little traveling, seen some amazing things on a few continents; crater lake is one of me my favorite spots on the planet. i go back when i can. on the way to the death ride keith and i stayed on 5, you can’t see the mountain but i knew about where it would be. on the way back we didn’t have time for the detour. i had a plane to catch. when you come over the rim you are overwhelmed, thats the best word i have for it. the full power of vulcanism went into this place on a scale that make st helens look like the burp of a baby, cute, but nothing to take seriously. everywhere you look there is twisted rock – sedimentary layers dancing like sine waves, sometimes vertical like the leaves in a book. and it is quiet, not many birds, just some wind. the silence fits, im hoping to ride the crater lake century this summer (link) provided they get a permit. ive never ridden a bike there. doing so this summer would be combining a old part and the new part of me. (wiki)

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