Posted by: angrybeesound | March 5, 2008


So I am a bit of a political junkie. If you’re interested I can tell you some of the funky rules of the Texas pri-cauc. I read a few blogs rather religiously. I’m a big freaking liberal, with 2 quirks.  With the Democrats the differences are big and small. Much has been made of the change vs experience. But here is my little insight into the difference between the two. Tonight when Clinton gave her victory speech and Obama gave his victory speech (yes they both get victory speeches, they both won AND lost) I think I found a telling difference- the crowds. Clinton gave her speech in Ohio, Obama in Texas. Hillary’s crowd chanted “yes she can,” Barack’s crowd chanted “yes we can.” You can make your own commentary on the difference. Hell, to me it seems that Clinton’s crowd chanted tag-line comes as a response to a Obama slogan. “Yes she can” wasn’t uttered in her speech. I hope the kid pulls it off. the number of voters is amazing.. I haven’t done conclusive research, but as far as I know every democratic primary and caucus has broken attendance records. I don’t think Clinton is bringing out the crowds to the degree Obama is. I enjoyed this. I love that Ed Kowalczyk, from the band Live is in it at 2:20. I used to be a big Live fan. 

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