Posted by: angrybeesound | August 17, 2007

oh shit

For the longest time I was staunchly against having a blog, I would claim I have nothing to say that matters, nothing unique to contribute. In a way those justifications are still valid. But here I am, typing, and in theory some people can see it. I have been writing since I was trying to justify ending a vaguely successfull relationship and had hoped to pursue what turned out to be a pipe dream, it has become a habit. I fill a Moleskine every couple of months or so (pocket, no lines 192 pages) and have a hardon for a program called Journler   However, I have found that if I am producing in a manner that will be visible I tend to be more studious about the content; ie I tend to get very moany and self deprecating in those books, but there are some jems. I plan to cull the 10 or so sitting on the bookshelf, so some posts will be very anachronistic.

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