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A very good friend of mine lost her son a few months back. This is very powerful to me right now

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The main difference between road bike group rides and mountain bike group rides. Road rides start in some random parking lot, mountain rides start by a place that sells beer.

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The Kids.

The quiver always changes. What is new and lust-worthy one day gets tired, or used or broken. Here are things as they sit in my stable now.


Dura Ace 7900, shifters, brakes, derailleurs, chain, cassette
Zipp VumaQuad crank and bb (yeah, it is a compact)
Reynolds Assault 45 carbon clinchers in Continental GP4000
PRO components Vibe round bar
Easton EC90 seatpost
Fizik Antares
Look Keo carbon pedals

It weighs 15.1 pounds and I like it


Cannondale CAAD 9 in 58 cm
6700 Shifters, crank (standard) bb, cassette, chain
7800 brakes
6600 derailleurs
Easton EA90 SL front and SLX read
PRO Vibe round bar and Vibe 7s stem
Easton EC90 seatpost
Fizik Antares saddle
Look Keo carbon

17.5 pounds


Specialized Tricross S-Works in size 56 cm.
5700 shifters
6700 crank with 34-46
7900 rear derailleur, front 6600
Pauls Neo Retro brakeset
PRO vibe 7s short and shallow bar and stem
Chris King hubs with Mavic Open Pro clincher wheels with Michelin Mud 2 for training
Dura Ace 7700 hubs with Mavic Reflex tubular with tires to be named later
Ritchey WCS seatpost
Crank Brothers eggbeaters

It’s a cross bike, I don’t care how much it weighs, but its not bad.

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why is it the first step of a new project always involves me making my bed?

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still kicking

Yes, I haven’t written in some time. Oops? in short I have graduated from college since my last writing with a handy degree in Political Science. Seriously, yeah, what to do with that ?

In the mean time I am riding my bike, recently have finished RAMROD, Trippple Bypass among other weekend rides where I am getting to know a good group of people. The next event on the radar is High Pass Challenge, an event I rode well last year but one which i wish to ride even better this year.

So yes, for the people who are reading, or to the one person who is reading everything, welcome, or welcome back.

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Setting: Seven Hills of Kirkland century option. It is raining, it has been raining. My buddy Paul and I are 55 miles into the 100 mile course. I have had wet feet since mile 18. We come down into the Snoqualmie River Valley, heading towards Stillwater Hill and Cherry Valley road. The misting rain turns to steady rain with patches of real rain. (they say Eskimos have 33 words for snow, we here in the upper left have 50 ways to describe rain). I am wet, a few miles back I tried to find one part of me that was dry, I failed. I am not cold though. I am wearing bibs, undershirt, wonderful fat cyclist jersey, arm and knee warmers, a cap, a great showers pass rain vest and shoe covers. i have gloves in my back pocket if i need to warm up. No traffic, were riding side by side. Paul is a stronger climber than I am. He is a machine. However, he is a more timid descender. We’ve been on a few club rides together.

The comment: “Man today is a wonderful day, I am having a great time”

He was totally right, it is all about how you look at it. I could have ridden the exact same ride and easily said I had a crap day, but I had a great day. I rode my bike well and strong for 100 miles with great company. Can you ask for more?

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Jens Voigt

In the small circle of cycling friends I have, there is near universal admiration for Jens Voight. Yet he is not like the typical cycling hero, he is crazy. Literally the man is crazy. Go to and check out the videos on him.

and possibly my favorite-

His blend of adhd, masochism, loyalty and love of caffeine blends to make him a man who is the ultimate cyclist. Something that on our saturday morning rides and events we may emulate, but will never achieve. We don’t understand it, and we might light of it.

well… with that being said this made my whole damn day.

Headline : Voigt leads Paris-Nice

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everyone loves a comeback

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Whats the difference?

same shaped bottles, same color…

One is whiskey and makes for good irish coffees, the other is olive oil, and makes for crap irish coffees

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made me smile

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